Thursday, June 12, 2014

JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS: how much Roger Ebert was wrong

So last night I watched Josie and the Pussycats. Great movie! But today I check Ebert's site to read his review, and what do I see? - Josie and the Pussycats.

He gave it one half of a star!

Come on!

It's a fun, feel-good family-friendly movie about a rock band who get signed by an evil record company. The evil record company is working with the government on implanting subliminal messages in music, to control young people's minds. Josie and the Pussycats eventually triumph, the girl gets the guy, the government shuts down the evil programme, and there's a concert.

Now, I'm an aficionado of government conspiracy/mind control movies: everything from the Bourne films (pretty good) and Enemy of the State (utterly brilliant!) down to Control Factor (meh) and They Live! (tacky film but a story just begging for a big-budget remake). As far as GC/MC movies go, this one is great; it's funny and doesn't take itself at all seriously, but still provides anti-consumerist commentary that's way more fun than reading goddamn Naomi Klein.

And the acting actually wasn't that bad at all. Alan Cumming actually did a great job as the bad guy - Rowan Atkinson certainly couldn't have done any better. Tara Reid was cute dumb silly, but that's what the role was. Frankly, Ebert's crush Parker Posey was about the worst actor in this film.

And there were funny little "a-ha!" bits in the movie too. Really hilarious was the scene where Frame (the bad guy) met the one girl in the record store who was immune to mind control. And the twist ending was great.

And hey, even Seth Green is in the movie. And Carson Daly gets to play an evil Carson Daly (another highlight was the attempted murder of the Pussycats at Total Request Live).

The US puts out a lot of idiotic sophomoric garbage that pretends to be comedy; SNL alone is responsible for a load of utter bullshit. Josie and the Pussycats, while certainly a simplistic and cliched story, still played it awfully smart compared with most American teen comedy crap. It's a far less stupid movie than Borat, for example. I love it and will watch it again, not just because Tara Reid was a cutey.

And as for Roger Ebert?

"Subliminal" means "below the line". In the case of sound recordings, "subliminal" does indeed mean "below the threshold for conscious perception", Roger! Your "sub-aural" means either below the ear (in medical terminology) or below the minimum frequency for hearing (in audio terminology).

Pretty pathetic that he screwed even that bit up. It's almost as if Tara Reid pissed in his vodka, so he tried to go way the hell out of his way to find as much to criticize in this movie as possible.

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