Friday, June 6, 2014

GODWIN'S LAW OF TIME TRAVEL: here's what you need to know

Chew on this!

TV Tropes - As the amount of time-traveling you do increases, the probability of Hitler winning World War II approaches one. And see also

TV Tropes - Hitler's time travel exemption act.

Even if it's possible to travel back in time to kill someone, it might be specifically impossible to travel back in time to kill Hitler. As noted, he survived 42 (aha!) real-life known assassination attempts; maybe that's every time traveller who has gone back in time to try to kill Hitler?

But wait! How could Hitler have become so unkillable? Well, maybe Hitler was a time traveller himself! Maybe every time he gets killed, the future Hitler reads how it happened in his history books and then goes back to rescue himself.

In fact, maybe future-Hitler is at war with the future-anti-Hitlers, but they've agreed to fight their battle in the past, in a sort of time-traveller's proxy war? In which case, maybe it's smart for us to just not get involved. After all, if the future-anti-Hitlers aren't able to kill Hitler, why do we think we ourselves would stand any chance of doing any better?

SMBC had an interesting take on this:

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