Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday videos: the Telescopes' "Flying"

It's almost as if we're locked into Friedrich Nietzsche's "eternal return", living out our lives over and over again. Just wait long enough, and the entire world comes back to where it was.

Here's another supposedly lost and forgotten video of the early 90's, digitally preserved on the internet for all eternity, and fuck you to the smarmy fucking professor coont who accused the internet of being the eschaton of the ephemeron,* or whatever.

It's the Telescopes, with "Flying", a prescient ode to Rio Alto's stock price of the past week:

As a little bit of trivia, this video was directed by Douglas Hart from the Mary Chain.

* - If nobody else has taken the phrase "eschaton of the ephemeron", I hereby lay claim to it. It's too fucking cool to pass up.

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