Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Five mid-day reads

Here's some reading:

Calculated Risk - LA port traffic increasing. Imports are still going up, so the US economy is growing.

Calculated Risk - architectural billings increased in May. So, again, the US economy is growing.

Ritholtz - on sentiment being bullshit. It's fine to track sentiment, he says, as long as you realize it only works at extremes, and not every single frickin' day.

Bloomberg - Citic lost some of its alumina in Qingdao. Why exactly is this bearish base metals, btw?

The Economist - clarifying China's corporate debt. That $14T figure you're reading about today is bullshit. So that gives you an idea of which otherwebsites and RSSes you can unsubscribe from, to avoid being suckered by lies in the future.

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