Monday, June 16, 2014

FireSteveLetwinGold stock pops on a Larry Edelson pump

Here's IAmGold's chart:

It popped before all the other goldies. That's funny. Why?

Well apparently, on June 3 at 2PM it got a reccie from Larry Edelson. The pop has nothing to do with any rumoured Niobec sale or any rumoured buyout by Goldcorp.

Who's Larry Edelson?

Larry Edelson - Hi, I'm Larry Edelson.

He asserts that he is always able to pick tops and bottoms. In fact, he can even predict wars well into the future, like some sort of Nostradamus. He sticks to folksy language and very simple sentences. He reliably dings the Republican "money-printing" and "socialism" bugaboos that Americans always fall for. He says your money won't be safe in the banking system. He suggests with a straight face that "a crisis of confidence in government" will mean money flowing into the private sector (not, y'know, cash).

And he's calling for $5000 gold and $125 silver.

I strongly suggest you read the linked article, so you can learn exactly what a pump letter aimed at ignorant Republican hayseeds looks like.

It's amazing that I!Am!Gold! has had legs since; but I would sell it this instant.

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