Monday, June 23, 2014

Brent Cook on Korelin

Korelin - Brent Cook interview (mp3). I'm linking to the mp3 and not the show webpage, because I care too much about your braincells to expose them to the idiotic blather in the comments section.

Cookie was surprised by the pop in the juniors, which I guess means yet another person who doesn't know about the June-September seasonality in the gold stocks.

It's starting to get hilarious - everyone is attributing the pop to some magical thing or other, when really it happens every year and it happens because it's the time of year when gold gets bought by India.

I'd be happy if the miners kept going up after September.Til I see that happen, though, I'm taking this as a summer play and that's all.


  1. All the money flows into the big boards up to the sell in May and go away trade at the cost of the miners. Then the money looks around and sees that the miners are cheap and they bid them up at this time of year.

    The sell off occurs just in time in September to reload on the S&P

    1. It seems convincing, it requires np major change in investment philosophy, and I've heard about the summer miner cyclicality for 5 years now, so I may as well play along, eh?