Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Per the article on Jalopnik about ZeroHedge reposting utter silliness and not retracting it, here are some choice bits from the comments section:

Zerohedgers, still gullible and dumb. Those photos are 4 and 5 years old. One is from a Nissan factory that turns out 500,000 cars a year. They have to be stored while waiting for transport.

If manufacturers have a glut, they slow production and lay people off. They can't keep producing cars if no one is buying, there is no capital to do so without sales.

Business, how does it work?


You don't say? And:

Come on ZH, most of these pics date from 2009 and the information here is just plain untrue. Please do a little fact checking before you print this stuff, you're losing cred lately at a rapid rate.

You don't say? And:

I just wanted to thank you for posting this article. I registered just to post this comment. You people are idiots. Tyler Durden? How original. No accountability for the garbage you post or the potential impact of those lies. Fortunately, every other journalist (actual professionals) has called BS on this BS. Those few moments of exposure for your site have proven to be informative. Now people (with the exception of your uneducated followers) will know to avoid anything concerning your site like the plague. Good thing you have company at the bottom of the barrel.

And even the true believers are throwing up:

I re-posted this drivel over at IHateTheMedia.com without verifiying because I had enough respect for Zero Hedge to do that. Obviously that was a mistake. I had to retract and apologize, and Zero Hedge has lost my respect because here it is, days later, and still no retraction or apology here. I guess for some people getting hits is all that matters.

Well, what do you expect from a site run by a Bulgarian immigrant who was banned from the markets for insider trading?

Wise up, internet: it's always been nothing but a Russian propaganda site. That's why they're always calling for the imminent collapse of America, why they're always in agreement with Russia Today, and why Max Keiser loves pumping the same stories.

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