Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Here's some stuff:

BI - Jim Cramer believes in supply and demand. He says the Alibaba IPO is sucking a bunch of money out of the tech stock world, because there's only so much money to go around in the growth universe. That's quite plausible.

Reformed Borker (Bork Bork Bork!) - the dotcoms are tanking. What, cos everyone wants to take those profits and plow them into Alibaba? Is that it?

Bespoke - R2K closes below 200DMA. Looks like maybe we get a bit of a correction over the next few days. Then again, the $VIX isn't doing anything interesting yet.

BI - Janet Yellen says "OMGWEALLGONNADIE". I don't get how she doesn't see the same economic improvement that NDD and Bill McBride see. And a certain swarthy fund manager fellow (whose name rhymes with "Blichael Blaoul") says the Fed is grossly underestimating the strength of the recovery, and the US is going to experience an inflation situation soon.

Now if only there was some sort of... y'know... yellow metal, or something, that you could buy to protect against inflation....

FT Alphaville - more on the looming China collapse. Oh noes! Last chance for the Chinese government to hand another trillion in stimulus to the local oligarchs!

Krebs on Security - tools for a safer PC. I'd append that instead of using OpenDNS, you can just edit your hosts.txt to block access to dangerous sites. Someone Who Cares has a hosts file you can use to edit your own. Warning: you really need to understand what you're doing. If you do, this is a great security tool. Other than that, do mostly what Krebs says (I cannot vouch for EMET and will stay away from that fucking disaster zone).

The added benefit is that if you use NoScript, I won't see you in my blog stats and thus will not make fun of your company. Neither will IKN see you reading his blog.


  1. Janet Yellen sees "a lot of slack"? Maybe her views are screwy because she's a member of the Church of the Subgenius.

    1. As an aside, Church of the Subgenius are a bunch of obnoxious cunts.

    2. That could be more proof that Yellen is a member... depending on how you feel about Yellen.