Friday, May 30, 2014

Tim Hudak: I'm not staying silent any more

So I'm seeing Tim Hudak ads all over the internet. Apparently Google thinks I want to see this twat's face all day, along with his idiotic empty promise to somehow create a million jobs by bankrupting the province, criminalizing union membership, and turning us into a branch plant for Alabama.

So here you fucking go, Google. Every time you shove a Tim Hudak election ad into my face, I'll be posting one of my own Hudak ads on this blog.

Actually, he did. Once. After he graduated, he worked as a "travelling manager" for Wal-Mart. For a few months. He earned such a fantastic job by getting a supposed MA in Economics. Then he decided to get into politics. Because he knew so much.

Speaking of which, I'm actually impressed that Hudak has managed to keep his loony Republican fundamentalist Christian history out of the media. They're successfully suckering us into believing he's a normal human being with the moral authority to govern the province on behalf of all its citizens, instead of the hateful cunt who once published this:

So there you go. More Hudak hate to come, because fuck you Google.

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