Tuesday, May 13, 2014

THE WORLD'S BIGGEST MINES: here's what you need to know

Because the rest of the world is boring, what with PMs going nowhere and the US markets resuming their relentless upward trajectory, I'll give you some different newsbits:

xkcd - pyramid energy. This week, Randall Munroe calculated that the biggest pyramid stores about a trillion joules of gravitational potential energy. But then he notes the world's biggest mines involve 100 to 1000 times as much energy in excavation.

That's neat in itself, but then he links to this:

los Apos - the world's biggest, deepest, and deadliest open-pit mines. With some pictures of the world's biggest, etc., mines, and the cool toy trucks they get to play with.

and then there's also this:

Mining Technology - ten deepest open-pit mines. Unfortunately the pictures are small, because the guys running this website don't like posting pretty pictures or something.

Speaking of which, the PDAC should get together with Tonka and sponsor a line of realistic mining equipment toy trucks. That is, if they want to encourage children to grow up to work in mining.

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  1. I grew up in Minnesota and visited that mine in Hibbing when I was a kid. Growing up in Minnesota was a little like growing up a canuck, I think.