Saturday, May 17, 2014

Some weekend reading, with sarcasm

Here are some newsglobules for your enjoyment:

Calculated Risk - a few comments on housing starts. Bill McBride knows how to look under the hood and analyze data.

Bespoke - S&P rolling 10-year returns. Justin Walters and what's-his-name-the-other-guy also know how to look at data, and here's what they say:
Since 1937, the average rolling 10-year return for the S&P has been 103%, so the current 10-year gain of 64.8% is only two-thirds of the average. 
If this is a new secular bull market, then it's wise for you to shake off the stupid secular-bear thinking that's been weighing you down.

FT Alphaville - two-fifths of a dotcom crash. Another idiotic article, this time basically asserting that today is like 2000, and the S&P is about to go into a horrible two-year bear market, just because fucking TSLA and DDD are correcting from grossly overbought. Because supposedly the falling Nasdaq stocks' share of total US market cap is anything resembling what it was in 2000, and because supposedly we should expect another two years of collapse in the tech stocks.

Oh, as well: from now on anyone who facetiously tosses stats and charts around without knowing what the fuck they are, without even thinking about what they mean, and then concludes their amateurish non-argument with a facetious "oh, unless it's different this time" gets a fucking kick in the teeth from me. Even if I have to wait a lifetime.

Holy fuck, the Financial Times has gone downhill. This article was like something from fucking ZeroHedge. I'm tempted to call this pile of bullshit a bottom-tick of the Nasdaq.

FT Alphaville - charting Europe's Japanification. Not interested in the article, but I am interested in the idea that the next big expectation for Europe is a Japan-style stagnation. This is partially because the fucking neocon clowns in Germany, and their lackeys in Finland and Austria, might finally get the blame for destroying Europe's economy. We can only hope. - mining deals: a light at the end of the tunnel. Yeah, you guys keep telling yourselves that.

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