Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Some news of an evening

Was busy today, here's news:

Ritholtz - on bullish and bearish views. Basically summing up each position sort of. All of them are stupid, so just ignore them.

Ciovacco Capital - what is Dow Theory telling you now, bitch? It's telling you what I already pointed out something like 2 days ago.

Bloomberg Radio - Michael Shaoul interview (mp3). Get this - Shaoul is very bullish commodities, and is predicting a ramp-up of inflation in the US as the Fed responds to "phantom slack" with excess looseness. Add a to b, and the result is he must be bullish gold, right?

FT Alphaville - what if Modi's a tease? Again, he can't single-handedly turn around India, especially not in the space of weeks, so the Nifty 50 is grossly overpriced. Not only that, foreign positions in Indian equities are grossly overextended.

Reuters - In China, receivables and collection times are popping. Maybe China's economy is already beginning to seize up? It bears watching, anyway. - blah blah Euro money printing. Yeah, but that doesn't matter to the gold price because only US money printing matters, right?

Gold Report - John Kaiser interview. He thinks the secular bear in commods goes to 2017, but things get better after that.

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