Monday, May 26, 2014

Simple question about tax cuts

I was reading Josh Barro's "there's no such thing as a free tax cut", and I realized something.

I'm always hearing about idiot neocons campaigning for tax cuts. We've got that going on here in Ontario right now, with that ignorant fundie clown Hudak*.

I understand why tax cuts are so popular, despite the fact they're stupid (who's going to pay for all the roads and bridges after we eliminate taxes?).

But why don't conservatives ever campaign for higher wages, instead? After all, if we all get paid more, then that's just as good as a tax cut, no? We still have more money in our take-home.

Yes, I know why the conservatives don't campaign for higher wages - I just thought it was silly that we've spent the past thirty years swallowing this "lower taxes" bullshit when we could have been pushing for higher wages all this time.

* - Apparently Hudak only ever had one real job his entire life: working for Wal-mart, where his job was bossing around minimum wage peons. He did that for a year and then went into politics. Typical conservative.

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