Monday, May 5, 2014

Only two noontime newsblobs for you

I'm a bit busy cleaning up a job at work, but the real reason I've got little news for you is that there's little worth talking about.

So here's two links:

New Deal Demoncrat - foaming at the mouth over the real unemployment rate. I like when NDD gets angry about statistics. It always results in lots of informative charts.

FT beyond brics - the anatomy of the Chinese slowdown. Some wacky facts and figures in this: for example, did you know Hebei alone produces more steel than the 27 countries of the EU combined? And did you know that Shanxi produces more coal than the entire USA?

Also, supposing China's economy really is deflating and they really are in danger of falling into a technical recession, and their government knows this, then here's that silver bullet everyone just might be waiting for:
“We believe the downside risk to China’s economic growth is rising,” said Shen Jianguang, economist at Mizuho Securities. “As a result, the government will launch more effective stimulus measures soon to curb the downturn.”

He said these measures could include more reform-themed fiscal stimulus spending on nuclear power stations, affordable housing and subways, as well as monetary easing to compensate for the tightening from shadow-banking consolidation. This could include a cut in the bank required reserve ratios (RRR), which oblige commercial banks to keep a significant portion of their deposits “frozen” at the central bank. Lastly, Shen says, new urbanisation spending may be authorised, particularly around the theme of building a Beijing-Tianjin metropolis.
I'm not betting it happens, I'm just going to watch the charts.

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