Monday, May 26, 2014

My own take on the Euro elections

BBC - Farage's UKIP wins Euro parliamentary elections. Plus a neo-Nazi wins in France.

My own take?

The people of England saw the EZ destroy Ireland's economy for the benefit of the unelected financial elite.

And the people of France saw the EZ destroy the lives of Portuguese and Spanish for the benefit of the unelected financial elite.

A "parliament" is supposed to protect the people from the machinations of unelected, antidemocratic kleptocrats. The Euro parliament did nothing. In fact, you'd have to wonder if the Euro parliament ever does anything at all for the good of the people.

So what do you do when you see that your supposed "parliament" at best does nothing to protect the masses from the machinations of the elite, and at worst is actively conspiring to enslave the people?

You elect a bunch of fruitcake Nazis. Le Pen is a Nazi, her father was a Nazi, don't overthink it.

As for Farage, he spouts off so much patently untrue ZeroHedge propaganda that he must either be an utterly ignorant buffoon, or he's consciously and willingly spreading falsehoods for his own political benefit.

And it makes perfect sense to elect both of them. What people in England and France are doing is daring the Euro parliament to prove that they have any power whatsoever. If the EP is a meaningless body of talking heads, then no harm has been done; if the EP really does have power, then at least England and France will have elected parties who aren't associated with a decade of destroying the lives of Europeans for the benefit of the banking elite.

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  1. They cut off part of Angela Merkel's quote:

    "Chancellor Angela Merkel - whose party topped the poll in Germany - described the far right victories as "remarkable and regrettable" and said the best response was to boost economic growth and jobs."

    They lopped off the last two words: "In Germany."

    Cuz Angela, honey, you've done more across the EU to promote the election of nazis and their ilk than anyone in Germany since the 1930's.