Tuesday, May 27, 2014

More bile and spittle for you

Here's the rest of tonight's assignments:

Reformed Borker (Bork Bork Bork!) - 361 Capital weekly research briefing. As for the clowns who look in every nook and cranny for some bullshit obscure indicator that will flash the doomsday signal, whether it's the $BKX:$SPX, JNK:TLT or NYSE A/D? Well here's Blaine Rollins with a reminder on keeping it simple, which you'll probably ignore:
It’s not quite blood-red seas and locusts, but the bears are starting to get downright apocalyptic as they trot out their warnings of an imminent breakdown in the financial markets: tumbling Treasury yields; staggering small-company stocks; incinerated Internet shares; and blown-up biotechs. There’s just one problem: Transportation stocks should be crashing if the end were truly nigh. Instead, they’ve sailed through the carnage virtually unscathed.

Remember, transports are one of the most economically sensitive segments of the market. When the U.S. economy is growing, trains are full of cars and coal to deliver, trucks have computers and toys to carry, and airlines have more passengers to fly to their destinations. If the economy was really heading for a major fall, transports like Union Pacific (UNP), Knight Transportation (KNX), and Delta Air Lines (DAL) should have tumbled — just like high-flying biotech stocks Biogen Idec (BIIB), high-priced internet stocks like Twitter (TWTR), and small-company stocks like Lumber Liquidators (LL), which have all dropped more than 10% during the last three months.
That's why you watch the $TRAN, and you watch New Deal Demoncrat's weekly indicators in the transports section. And you ignore the bullshit. But no, you guys all want to read doomer porn on free fucking blogs - or worse, in paid fucking newsletters.

Liz Ann Sonders - mounting momentum. They have charts showing real economic things, not oogity-boogity pedantic purposefully-obscure bullshit.

Calculated Risk - on house prices. He thinks distressed sales have warped the trend a little bit. And he reminds us that for there to be a bubble in anything, there has to be speculative buying. You know, like when you bought Atac or Bear Creek for $9 thinking you could unload it on some clown for $15? You remember that bubble? Eh? Do ya?

Badass Digest - the Dark Dungeons movie trailer! As a Jack Chick "fan", I find this hilarious. I especially like how they're at a rave, and suddenly they all decide to start "RPGing". What's even funnier is they're going to be premiering it at GenCon. Here's the trailer:

Christians are so fucking retarded.

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