Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Missing goldbug analysts part 2: Mickey Fulp on pot

So I hadn't heard anything from Mickey Fulp either. I was signed up for his blurbs, mostly for his "let's go through the elements one at a time" interviews, but hadn't gotten anything from him in forever.

Turns out my gmail spam filter was grabbing his emails. Fixed now hopefully. I look forward to his upcoming ten-minute feature on praseodymium!

Anyway, here's Mickey Fulp, on the subject of the TSX-V's latest fad, medical marijuana:

Mickey Fulp - my bet is the bud biz is a bitty bubble (pdf). I see, with the junior scene having gone quiet as the grave, that Mickey's taken up a new hobby: alliteration. And funny nuff, he tangentially admits graphite was just a fad. Stupid Flinders Resources!

Small Cap Power - Mickey Fulp on "a day trader's doped up daydream". Again with the alliteration. I guess if you want the Kaiser Extinction to happen, it's better that it happens this way, with the obviously corrupt companies leaving the exploration world for medical marijuana, right?

Meanwhile, by the way, Cookie Monster sent me a video of a really bad band playing a bad song badly:

They indeed are the worst band ever and I now hate music because of them. Gee thanks Brent.

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  1. Yeah, that's awful. I hate Pink Floyd, so a bad cover of Pink Floyd is even worse.