Friday, May 23, 2014

IS YOUR PENIS STUCK IN A PVC PIPE? here's what you need to know

Some weekend news:

BI - beware the market melt-up this summer. But of course BAML says the "market melt-up" will be followed by a horrible crash. Because they're fucking pussies and idiots who haven't yet clued in that we're in a secular bull market.

Calculated Risk - new home sales increase in April. The charts show that, by home sales reckoning anyway, the US still hasn't really even moved into expansion yet. I.e., we're still not at a point where you get crashes; rather, we're actually still at a point where the economy improves from here.

Economist - why stock volatility is low. It's because GDP volatility is low and inflation volatility is low, according to them. I'd say it might also be because billions of dollars are short volatility via synthetic ETFs - so don't trust these market signals, because something might be different this time. - uranium still sucks. Self-evident.

Discover Magazine - penis stuck in a PVC pipe? We have a solution! Which starts off with this hilarious intro:
For all of you unfortunate souls out there who have ever gotten your penis stuck in a PVC pipe, this is one paper you don’t want to miss! These crafty doctors came up with a simple solution to this everyday problem.
Everyday problem?

Seriously, if you keep getting your dick stuck in a PVC pipe every day, you might want to switch to a larger diameter.


  1. It makes me wanna run out and buy some pvc pipe right now.

  2. Hopefully they're not using a cut end piece. Although, if you are regularly getting your johnson stuck in a PVC pipe, you probably don't have that much foresight anyway. There's undoubtedly some scarred individuals out there.

  3. Completely unrelated but, a "death cross" for gold? Is gold doooomed?!

    1. Yay, more TA. Brings me back to the many hilarious death crosses for the $SPX, a thousand happy points ago.