Wednesday, May 21, 2014

IS SILICON VALLEY FULL OF ODIOUS SOCIOPATHS?: here's what you need to know

Two bits of news this morning:

Reuters - India officials ready plan to ease gold import curbs. It'd be nice if it happens, though as far as I'm concerned it will have no effect on consumption - India was buying all the gold it wanted despite the curbs, the smuggling was covering the demand and I feel even WGC's huge smuggling estimates are low.

As well, we've been hearing this bullshit news for months now; I'd rather see the proof in the pudding before swallowing this line all the way to Capistrano.

The Baffler - mouthbreathing Machiavellis dream of a silicon Reich. Some guy named "Mencius Moldbug" (ha ha, rhymes with "goldbug", therefore loser) has a blog where he's advocating for a corporate dictatorship. So Baffler makes fun of him:
In short, Moldbug reads like an overconfident autodidact’s imitation of a Lewis Lapham essay—if Lewis Lapham were a fascist teenage Dungeon Master.
I personally find it interesting that whenever some clown gets lucky in the dotcom bubble, he assumes it's because he's smart, not lucky. And so he starts representing himself as some sort of autodidact genius with the cure for all humanity's ills, instead of what he really is - some clown who got lucky and sold to the last fool, and can now afford to blog all fucking day instead of working for a living.

As for Moldbug's blog?
Moldbuggism, for now, remains mostly an Internet phenomenon. Which is not to say it is “merely” an Internet phenomenon. This is, after all, a technological age. Last November, Yarvin claimed that his blog had received 500,000 views.
OMG LOL LMFAO! I have more views than him! Seriously, I do!

Hey Baffler! When are you going to write an article about me?

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  1. The Baffler going on about some tedious, white supremacist moron. Are things really that slow these days, way out on the hipster publisher's bleeding edge?