Saturday, May 17, 2014

IS DANIELA CAMBONE MARRIED? - here's what you need to know


Whenever there's a new inrush of Daniela Cambone searches on my blog, I know that there's a bunch of new Daniela Cambone interviews posted on the Kitco YouTube page.

And guess what? She's been at the Metals & Minerals Investment Conference, interviewing people.

Let's see if any of this is worth listening to at all:

Mining Companies Need To Get Act Together: Adrian Day | Kitco News - God Adrian, you were just interviewed by Berwick. You now have lost all credibility. Go away.

Gold Forecaster Calling For $2,000 in 2014 | Kitco News - Who the hell is Bo Polny? Ooh, a gold forecaster? Never heard of one-a them before, have we? Go away, Bo Polny.

New Acquisition For Miranda Gold: CEO | Kitco News - Is Ken Cunningham Daniela's uncle or something? For god's sake, Miranda's an $11M market cap company. How many CEOs of $11M market cap companies does Kitco interview three times a year? Ken Cunningham must really be a nice, kind, honourable and considerate fellow to get this sort of loyal attention from Kitco News. Either that or he's holding their families at gunpoint. We'll never know.

Fed Too Powerful, Big Crash May Be Imminent: Bud Conrad | Kitco News - It's not a Kitco interview series unless there's at least one Fed-bashing John Bircher anti-fractional-reserve doomer, pooping libertarian verbal diarrhea out his mouth on camera. This particular guy works for the Caseys. Nuff said.

Still A Buying Opportunity In Gold Sector: Rick Rule [Sprott] | Kitco News - Still smug: Rick Rule. Interview is interesting in that he goes out of his way to compliment her bootiful orange dress.* Also interesting in that when he starts talking about "extrapolating the narrative in the context of the momentum", he gives away that he reads my blog. Even more - to paraphrase Friedrich Nietzsche -  Rule doesn't just read my blog, he reads it badly.

Gold 'Wins' Out In The End: Ron Paul | Kitco News - OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS IS THIS FUCKING CLOWN STILL ALIVE? OK, I take back what I said about CEOs of $11M market cap companies. Daniela, please interview more CEOs of $11M market cap companies. Anyone but Ron fucking Paul.


Sadly, the interview most worth watching out of this whole bunch is Rick Rule. Yes, he's an obnoxious self-pleased Ayn Rand-worshipper with a smirk that can peel yellow off a lemon; but to the extent that anything in this godforsaken interview series is worth listening to, it's probably him.

So here's Rick Rule. You can watch the first 2:50 of it and then stop, because after that he just blathers on with the usual John Birch Society echo-chamber propaganda about the Fed and Janet Yellen and gold being "money" instead of what it truly is: Indian.

PS Dave will be pleased.

Oh and Rule also likes your anium. 

And as for Daniela being married?

Even if she wasn't, do you really think she'd ever be interested in some uneducated fiftysomething unshaven gun-toting toothless unbathed survivalist who just lost all his money on Casey stock picks and bitcoins? She's out of your league, goldbug. Go away.

* - I'm sorry, I just don't find that dress all that flattering on her. She doesn't seem a solids kind of girl, patterns would be better. Not that I'm Yves Saint Laurent or anything.


  1. 'uneducated fiftysomething unshaven gun-toting toothless unbathed survivalist who just lost all his money'
    Well said lol!