Monday, May 19, 2014

IKN DOESN'T LIKE CARDERO GROUP COMPANIES: here's what you need to know

Oh, the silly silly antics of junior mining newsletter writers!

Here's some news:

Bespoke - the rest of the world is overbought. Really? The rest of the world has better economic prospects than the USA? Really? Or is the market just being stupid?

Kotok - on the UST10Y at 2.5%. I'm wondering when people will finally cotton on that you can't have inflation when the working class never sees a pay raise.

Ritholtz - the truth about auto sales. Apparently there's a chain email going around using a photo from 2009 as proof the auto market has seized up. And hilariously, Ritholtz notes that the "media" outlets taken in by this bullshit include ZeroHedge, the Daily Paul, and Silver Bear. Which kinda sums up who still mocks the economic recovery: Russian propagandists, racist John Bircher objectivists who hate partially black presidents, and hard money fruitcakes who are too poor to own gold.

Economic Times - Jim O'Neill on the Modi win. Well, he has an opinion, and he didn't get to where he is today by being a pretty boy from Crouch End. And hey, if he's right then gold can only go up from here - and strongly. Because gold is not money: it is Indian.

Bonddad - the $SSEC weekly chart is not encouraging. No shit, Sherlock!

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