Friday, May 2, 2014

Huh. Interesting.

Yeah, I've seen the spike in gold, figured it's only going up because the Russians have finally decided to march their army in and exterminate the Ukrainians or something. I'm not bothering to check the news.

But silver's going up too, and this is interesting:

It's turning into a bit of a negation of silver's break of support.

I dunno if it means anything, but it is kind of interesting.

Are gold miners and gold supposed to do well in the summer period? I know May is usually a vaguely positive month for gold, but the press just finished telling us that Akshaya Tritiya buying is way down because of fears of a monsoon failure.

Oh well. Read into this chart what you will. I'll wait to see a trend before getting involved. Again, like I said, it might just be a temporary pop in gold due to imminent Russian war crimes.

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