Friday, May 30, 2014

Hudak's "million jobs" are actually 125,000 jobs, by the way

The Globe and Mail - Hudak needs to walk away from the mess he made. Apparently even the Globe & Mail's editorial board has thrown up their hands and turned their backs on their Conservative hero. Quote:

Tim Hudak has spent Ontario’s election campaign offering himself quite convincingly as the rare politician willing to level with voters about difficult decisions he thinks are needed, even if some of them may not want to hear it.

The Progressive Conservative Leader’s efforts to present himself as a straight shooter, however, are in the midst of taking a big hit from the laughable math error on which his pitch has been premised – and, even more so, from the way Mr. Hudak has reacted to that error being exposed.

There is, in fairness, no good response to the revelation that his promise of a million new jobs revolves partly around counting the hypothetical jobs eight times.

Yup. His "million jobs" are more like "a million person-years of employment", over eight years. That's actually 125,000 jobs.

Of course, this still makes sense for him, since he's going to achieve this by eliminating 100,000 unionized jobs in the public service, offering these people the shining opportunity of new jobs at his old company, Walmart.

So now that he's been revealed to be either an ignorant buffoon or an outright liar?

Having spent millions of dollars advertising that pledge, Mr. Hudak would risk turning himself into a punchline if he somberly announced he needed a do-over.

Yup. Like a true Republican, he doubles down on the stupid.

His best option might be to say that the “million jobs” figure is aspirational – that it’s not worth obsessing over the minutiae of precisely how many each new policy will create, but that any leader who doesn’t think they could achieve such employment gains over two terms as premier shouldn’t be seeking that office. But during a visit Thursday to The Globe and Mail’s editorial board, he declined to make that argument even when invited to do so.

Seriously. The Globe and Mail editorial board was astounded that he didn't even bother to lie.

Instead, Mr. Hudak continued to stand behind numbers that a legion of economists has discredited. Economists are known for contradicting each other, he insisted, overlooking that in this case they weren’t disputing projections but pointing out that he was counting each year a person works in a new job beyond the first year as an additional new job. When that didn’t work, the PC Leader – himself a trained economist – more or less pretended not to understand the question.

Seriously. Either his MA in Economics came off the back of a cereal box, or he's outright lying to save face.

What a clown.

Still, there is a swath of moderately right-leaning voters swinging between his party and the Liberals, and another (mostly in the province’s southwest) trying to choose between the Tories and the NDP. These are people motivated both by a desire for change and a mistrust of the opposition leader likeliest to bring it. And the “million jobs” mess could badly undermine Mr. Hudak’s efforts to address the latter, especially if his opponents are able to use it against him in next week’s leaders’ debate.

If Thursday’s editorial-board meeting was any indication, Mr. Hudak could spend most of that debate passionately making the case for his vision of a smaller, more efficient government, only to undermine himself when talk turns to the pledge after which he named his platform.

Oh god, I certainly hope so. I certainly hope the people of this province have enough intelligence to not get taken in by this fundie Republican jesus-freak.

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