Monday, May 12, 2014

Goldbugs behold: IKN throws down the gauntlet and challenges the Vampire Squid

IKN - today's gold chart. Where he says this:
IKN clearly states the same message stated over the last few weeks: We are at the start of a bull market in gold, it's not going to collapse, get used to the idea. The only question you have is to decide when to get long gold and make money for yourself, now for the serious cash or later when the bullish direction is more defined and there's still plenty of profits to be made.
And this:
you seriously believe the bullshit GS is spinning about gold going to $1050? Wanna buy a bridge, n00b?
All this while the traditional goldbug brigade has been cowed into hemming and hawing, offering at best tepid and multivalent prognostications for the gold price, more often pathetic TA-tinged blather about "gold will go up if it goes up to $1320, but if it doesn't then it will go sideways or down before going up, unless it doesn't, but we've definitely seen a bottom in the gold price unless we haven't, and we can be sure of this unless we can't (look at the pretty lines I've drawn on this chart and you'll know I'm right, at least til I'm proven wrong next week by which point you'll have forgotten)."

Goldbugs, meet your new cheerleader-in-chief, IncaKola News. Marvel at his iron-clad prediction. Watch as he single-handedly slays the Vampire Squid from his mountain lair in the Andes.

Alternatively, watch his blog suspiciously go silent at some indeterminate point in the near future, upon which you'll know that Goldman Sachs' vengeful reach extends throughout the entire blogoverse. Heck, I might have finked on him already for 30 pieces of silver.

Yeah, slow day.