Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday videos: Happy 30th birthday, Victoria Hesketh!! ***MARRY ME***

Vixxy Boots is 30 years old on May 4th. In celebration, here's a bunch of videos, starting from when she still sang for Dead Disco:

You can tell that she wrote the chorus. Or at least I can. Also, she looks great with brown hair.

Here she is being interviewed about her Tenori-ON, which is neat because I have a D2 and an MC303 which are also sequencers and we could make fantastic music together Victoria:

Here she is talking about records and synths:

Not surprising she likes Italodisco, considering I do too, and my italo basslines are dead wicked, and she should come over to Canada to marry me right now and we will make electronic music together forever.

And I also have a Waldorf Micro-Q rack, Victoria. Yeah, I know you're not into modelling synths, but it is a freak-ass for drum sounds - it literally punches right down to DC. Normal laws of audio don't apply inside a Micro-Q. Please be mine! Together we can pulverize clubs worldwide with the electronic throb of our passion and shake apart all those puny 1000W sound systems that are too weak for our love.

Here she is covering Hot Chip in her bedroom, which is unfortunate because it's not in my bedroom:

Here she is again at home, with an early video demo of her song "Stuck on Repeat", from before she became famous and realized how hollow it all is when you don't have someone there to love you the way I do Victoria:

Here's her video for "Earthquake", which seems to be about some guy who was mean to her, which I'll never be if only she'd be mine because to me she's a beautiful flower, a musical genius, and a sweet loveable kitten:

And here's a nonvideo for "Motorway", which is my favourite song, about her getting in a car and driving the hell away from Dalston (for fuck's sake, Dalston?) to find a new life with me in Canada (at some point she crosses the Atlantic Ocean, but that part's left out of the song to keep it our little secret):

In summary, happy birthday Little Boots! Thirty might seem old, but it could be the start of a beautiful new life for you if only you give me a chance! You're a sweetheart and we need to get in touch. I'll let you touch my copy of Legion of Green Men's Time Tunnel EP.

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