Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday videos - A double-shot of the KLF, "3AM Eternal" and "Last Train to Trancentral"

Note to all you little hipster kiddies out there: this is how you do irony.

1. They aren't even trying to make it look like they're playing.

2. The entirety of the song lyrics are the band name, the song title, and stuff about how great they are.

3. The KLF's songwriting credit comes only because they said to the producer "ok, put a rapper in there, and maybe some women singing '3AM', and some guys shouting 'Ancients of Mu!' OK, got it? We'll come back next week and see what you've got done."

And here's "Last Train to Trancentral":

Which is really good, considering this is fucking 1991, the SB16 still hasn't even been invented, and yet these guys have invented trance. Hard to believe it's possible with the technology available at the time.

Also, it's interesting that the faker the band gets, the better the show they can put on for Top of the Poops. I mean, I personally wouldn't have expected to enjoy seeing guys in white cloaks wearing elephant tusks strapped to their heads pretend to play sitars with bows while pretending to sing into a vocoder. But this seems to work. Maybe it's just the strobe lights.

Anyway, stick that up your bum and pleasure yourself, Bob Lefsetz ya self-important coont.


  1. Ven I vas a kid growin up in dat Minnesowda dere, dey sang songs about lutefisk and lefse, but I din' no dey was singin bout dat Bob Lefse dere, nope. Dat's one lucky feller, eh?

  2. I watched that performance of Last Train to Trancentral live. If it's any saving grace, people got the irony back then.

    1. Live, as in on TV, or live as in you were in the Top of the Pops audience?

    2. BTW I'm sure they did get the irony. KLF were smart enough to realize that subtlety is counterproductive to social commentary.

      BTW, Schwa uses the same typeface and artwork. Weird.