Friday, May 23, 2014

For want of an ocelot, the copper mine was lost

IKN - to compensate for an ocelot, Rosemont may now costalot! Aha! Aha, I say! Aha!

I don't really care, except it gives me an opportunity to run a cute kitty picture:

This is Wikipedia's conception of what an ocelot might look like

Of course, it might be added that Wikipedia notes the ocelot is classified as a species of least concern; and Arizona is not known to be part of its range, though a few sightings have been made in the past. In fact, the multiple subspecies are spread throughout all of Latin America.

Here is an ocelot in Bolivia:

An ocelot? I don't Bolivia!

Apparently, the people of pre-Columbian Peru used to kill ocelots and turn them into stylish purses:

So it's not like Peruvians have any right to suddenly discover environmentalism and complain.

Thus endeth yet another kitty pictures post.


  1. So, conceptually at least, if you had to choose between a $1.5Bn copper mine and a single ocelot?

    I vote the small wild kitty.

    1. Cuz you want to kill it and turn it into a stylish purse.

  2. Stylish. That's a rollicking-fun word.

    1. I say, yes, rollicking, old chap.

      Another rollicking fun word? Gwillimbury. Rollicking fun. More a place name, I grant you, but still quite rollicking fun. Rollicking, rollicking fun.