Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dominic Frisby doing stand-up comedy

Wondering what's up with all the junior mining anal ysts out there - seems Our Daniela has nothing to do anymore but interview Peter Hug every day.

So I went poking around on YouBoob, and eventually came across Dominic Frisby doing stand-up comedy:

BTW, Dominator, it's pronounced "tha fookin' Marrs barrs innae' ga' bu'uh!"

There's more over there, so go watch some Dominic Frisby stand-up comedy. For example, there's also a video of Dominic Frisby chatting amicably with Russian stooge Max Keiser on the Vladimir Putin anti-west propaganda channel:

This is much more hilarious, right up there with the best of Jeremy Clarkson.


  1. "My dog's got no nose."
    "How does he smell?"

    "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
    "To undercover the massive silver conspiracy"


    1. That second one is comedy gold.

      Which is, of course, the only REAL comedy money.