Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DM ex-US also looks fine

Here's CIE.TO, a big holding of mine which is apparently DM ex-US, probably currency-unhedged who knows:

It's Eurozone, plus Switzerland and the UK, plus a big position in Japan, some South Korea I think, and so on.

Looks like that might break to the upside too. Apparently people are expecting Draghi to say something or other this week at some conference in Portugal, which would mean Deutschebank is already buying positions based on their covert monitoring of the supposedly secret meetings.

Look, we're in a world where economies suck, though not as bad as a few years ago, and while things aren't great they seem to have a bias towards getting better instead of worse. That's the economy whose market I want to buy.

I don't want to buy an economy firing on all cylinders with amazing profits. Cos those never get better.

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