Sunday, May 11, 2014

BBC News: combating prejudice? Or not?

BBC News - is there such a thing as feminist pornography? Here's your answer:

Meanwhile, over at the BBC, who are obviously so into combating prejudice:

BBC News - making maple syrup in Canada. Where we are overwhelmed with the amount of patriarchal, colonialist stereotyping and prejudice:
Faucher is the owner of what Canadians call a "sugar shack" where maple syrup is made.
Uh, no. Most of us haven't heard of the term "sugar shack". That is what it's called, sure, but most of us think it's called a "industrial corn syrup production facility in fucking Mississippi where they make pure sucrose and put brown food colouring in it.".
In the spring, Canadians traditionally get themselves down to the nearest one to gorge on high calorie, artery-clogging fare.
Uh, no, we don't. In the spring, most Canadians watch the Leafs choke out of the playoffs, and then start watching the Jays suck. Most of use live hundreds of miles from maple syrup farms. And it does not clog the arteries - it's sucrose for fuck's sake. Your filthy British food clogs arteries.
Meatballs, sausages, beans, pies, bacon are all slathered in maple syrup - like a reward for getting through the harsh winter.
The fuck? Really, they are? We do this? Is that what you think? This isn't fucking Glasgow where we put "fookin' grevvy" on everything, y'know.

In summary, I am offended by the rank colonialist ignorance of British fuckers.

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  1. If they're looking for sap maybe they should do a piece on how Rob Ford manages to stay in office.