Thursday, May 8, 2014

Aggregate global wealth - I still want a better chart or dataseries than this, but....

I found a chart of aggregate global wealth:

Three reasons I hate this chart:

1. It's from Credit Suisse.
2. via Zerohedge.
3. I want a data series going back at least to 1980.

I also want it explicitly to say "in constant dollars".

Because I'm interested in matching this data series against that for the gold price.


  1. It seems to me there's something wrong with the idea that world wealth has doubled since 2000. There isn't twice as much stuff.

    1. Oh dearest Mickey! What about supply and demand? Maybe people are willing to pay twice as much for the stuff that's there.

    2. And compound 6% growth over 14 years - that should be around a double.