Saturday, May 3, 2014

A few weekend bits of news

Here's some stuff I came across last night.

New Deal Demoncrat - April jobs report was a blowout. Important comment:
This was a blowout report by the standards of the last 7 years. This would not be seen as a blowout by any standards prior to 2000, however.
If we're into a secular bull market in the US, then we'll still progress to pre-2000 jobs levels over the next few years.

Calculated Risk - comments on the April employment report. Overall, it was solid. So we're not at a market top.

New Deal Demoncrat - historical recoveries for high-paid vs low-paid jobs. Good point: you'd expect low-paid jobs to get added first, and higher-paid jobs to come back later. It's a matter of what an employer is willing to commit to, right? Shit jobs are easy to commit to, because you can treat the new worker like shit. I know that in engineering the tendency is to not add to the labour force until the workers you have are past their breaking point; after all, you're usually adding permanent staff, not telling a guy "we can use you for 6 months, then we'll see". So it'll be interesting to see how NDD investigates this topic.

IKN - they're still selling GLD. I guess if there's only 786 tons left, then you can be happy that what's left is really a drop in the bucket compared to Asian gold demand. So more selling really doesn't mean much. Because, as I've said a million times, Whitey's not important to the gold market.

der Spargel - Putin's not post-communist, he's post-fascist. I dunno why Spargel needs to say this, because it's damn obvious to me Pooty-Poot's always been a fascist. Maybe they feel they need to remind Germans that fascism is bad? Maybe German leadership needs to be reminded that it's evil to collaborate with fascists, the way that the German leadership still wants to collaborate with Russia despite the blatant proof that Russia is now intentionally an enemy of NATO?

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