Friday, May 30, 2014

a few more newsbits for the weekend

A bit more stuff:

Calculated Risk - headline for next Friday: "US employment at all-time high". I really hope McBride runs with that headline, too. And then repeats it every Friday until the US doomer brigade finally shuts up.

Reformed Borker (Bork Bork Bork!) - back to chasing bonds. He has a refreshing take on it:
Assuming 2% inflation minimum over the next ten years, investors are essentially handing their investment capital over for a near-zero return – and that’s if they’re lucky and rates don’t rise anytime soon. How much of this buying comes from a desire to produce the optics of “having gotten it right”?

Or is everything just a trade these days, with no expectations beyond the next week or month’s performance?

FT Alphaville - bond mispricing theory. Further comment on the article I passed on to you this morning. Whereas to me, it's just a symptom of the kleptocratic elite having insufficient rentiers left to extract rent from.

der Spargel - on Russia's worldwide propaganda campaign. Just in case you need to be told that Max Keiser is nothing but a stooge for Vladdy Pootypoot. I wonder how much funding Zerohedge gets, by the way? That would be a good story for an enterprising journalist!

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