Monday, April 7, 2014

What volatility index are you watching?

Vix seems to have popped a bit...

Wait no OMG Vix is skyrocketing!!!1!

NDX-100 Vix is historically supposed have a higher spread than the broad Vix, and after years of it not being so it's finally gotten back to there. I guess if you'd been watching this for the past two months you'd have already seen this and realized that the tide is changing away from tech stocks, no?

So this is apparently just another artifact of the Great Rotation, as people figure out what next to buy now that the tech stocks are fully valued.

Josh Brown has noted banks still have a low P/E relative to the market, and are ripe for an upward correction... which funny 'nuff is what we saw in the mid-90s. Sounds good to me, Josh.

Though I guess if you're the type of person who "can't see why anyone would be an investor in these markets", you won't be putting your money into a banking ETF and walking away for the rest of the year.

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