Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Some stuff to read, including a special link from the Cookie Monster himself!

Here's more information:

Dani Rodrik - the relation between extents of globalization and level of industrialization. Interesting idea, worth thinking about. Interesting blog generally.

Brett Steenbarger - three perspectives on stock market strength. Read it and weep, top-callers!

Doctor Who and the Cybermen - phase-space charts of the Case-Shiller index indicate housing reflation. So why are there two islands of stability in the chart, and do US prices really have to go back to the second? Mickeyman's response is "I'll explain later".

FT beyond brics - what's next for the fragile five? Was the recent EM strength the beginning of a new upward trend for EMs, or rather just the last bull correction before another long swandive downward? - Chile turning copper mines into tourist attractions. Hey, interesting idea. I'd personally love to travel to the world's most earthquake-prone country, just to go up high into a uninhabitable mountainous moonscape to look at a hole so big that you'd think Galactus got peckish. No really.

Permashave Dave - I finally made bail, what have I missed? Where he talks about how he likes chixxx with bangs. I guess. I dunno. - unraveling the mystery of Indian monsoon failure during el Nino (pdf). A link from none other than the Cookie Monster himself, meant to persuade me that I shouldn't expect an Indian drought this year. Great, now he's making me read things and edumacate myself.

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