Thursday, April 10, 2014

Some noon noos for yoo


Bespoke - bullish sentiment lowest since February. Here's a chart to remind you what the market was doing in February:

So unless the market is planning to change its behaviour from what it's been before, this sentiment figure suggests it's a great time to buy. No?

Bespoke - jobless claims at lowest level in seven years. And the jobs recovery is complete.

Bloomberg - Wall Street expects a rate cut and QE from Draghi. The ECB should ensure that its unconventional policy actually benefits the peripheral ECZ, and doesn't simply blow an asset bubble in Germany. Unfortunately I don't think Draghi's enough of a nasty bastard to do the right thing.

IKN - Goldcorp should win with this one. I guess the demonstrated existence of a bidding war (or at least a bidding somewhat-emotional-exchange-of-words) for OSK should be bullish for juniors, no?

Mineweb - gold to da moon says Jay Taylor. The intro is such:
The Gold Report: Janet Yellen's about-face on quantitative easing (QE) makes two panicked pullbacks so far by the Federal Reserve from the end of QE. Is it fair to say we now have QE forever?

Jay Taylor: I don't know about forever because nothing lasts forever. Your premise is largely correct, however, because the discontinuation of quantitative easing would be so painful it's a pretty good assumption that it will continue for a long time to come.

It will probably end only when the system breaks down, which is inevitable because it is becoming increasingly insolvent.
My response, you ask?

I'll go back to reading Gold Report interviews when they begin talking to people who have at least a slight, tenuous grasp on reality.

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