Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Some news, including breasts

Here's a bit of morning news. Not much to report, now that March QE selling is done and the markets have taken off. Yet well-known panty-piddlers Josh Brown and Barry Ritholtz are strangely silent.

FT Alphaville - China growth slowdown the result of the anti-corruption campaign? If so, that's one heck of a lot of corruption for it to have a significant effect on GDP prints, no?

Mining.com - gold drops to 7-week low. Note the hedgies have been dumping gold - they've made (or lost) their 10%, now they're on to other pastures. If there's more selling still to come, there's going to be more pain for gold. Oh, and it's nice to see one goldbug website that actually admits when gold is down.

Mining.com - former Oakmont Resources CEO on trial for allegedly nicking $7M in shareholder money. Look at it this way... those $20,000 breast implants that he bought for his Brazilian fiancée with shareholder money are, by definition, shareholder property. Thus I suggest the Oakmont shareholders present a resolution at the next meeting to demand "tits oot".


  1. http://i827.photobucket.com/albums/zz199/vandtinc/tit_full_of_beer.jpg

  2. Perhaps they can apply for visitation rights.

  3. There is something fundamentally wrong with the mining industry. The greed, the arrogance, the corporate governance, it is an industry out of control

    1. I knew there was some one offs but the string of absurdities keeps getting longer