Thursday, April 3, 2014

Some news, including Barry Ritholtz's latest doomsday porn fixation

Hasn't been much to say. Gold is again stinking, go buy S&P and US banking and shut up.

Reformed Borker (Bork Bork Bork!) - still waiting for that whole capex explosion thing. Still hasn't happened, Rosie says it's a given but he's been proven an ignorant clown before.

Ritholtzwill capex trigger the next rally? Maybe the corporations just don't want to spend on capex, because their CEOs don't give a shit what happens to the company 6 months out? After all, capex is longer-term investment with no immediate quantifiable payoff, right? And hey, we know that the US political culture is anti-capex: they don't want to spend on education or road construction, right? So why would you expect corporate culture to be any different? Think about that, Barry.

Marketcrotch - OMG it's 1987 all over againz! God Barry, why do you still have a hard-on for doomsday porn? Quit linking to fucking Marketcrotch articles. All I can say is, if people are still taking oogity-boogity fortune-telling bullshit like chart overlays seriously, then this market has a long way up still to go.

Actually, that's not all I have to say. I really think I should dust off my Enchanted Tarot, do a bit of refresher study, and start up another blog where I do daily stock market predictions based on tarot readings. Cuz obviously that's going to be a lot more popular than fucking empiricism and sensibility.

Bespoke - breadth hits 2014 high. Quit being a pantywaist and buy the S&P.

FT beyond brics - where is the BJP manifesto? Then again, will publishing a manifesto really do anything for them? They're better off buying votes, the way Indian politics is traditionally run.

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