Friday, April 11, 2014

Some more interesting items for you to read and peruse

Some more stuff for Friday:

Calculated Risk - consumer sentiment increases. So obviously you should puke your US stocks. Because potato.

New Deal Demoncrat - a long-term historical look at margin debt. He notes the "margin debt DOOOOM" story originated on the "Economic Collapse Blog", which he adds 
also has published such gems as '12 signs that something big is happening to the earth’s crust under North and South America' a couple of weeks ago. 
Yup. Obviously that is a blog whose author is a significant and reliable authority on many topics.

Anyway, NDD does a good job of pointing out that when you see a chart, you should always ask what was going on before t=0. If you're not bothering to zoom out, you're missing out on important information.

FT beyond brics - China, the first global megatrader since the British Empire. The thesis being that no one country has dominated international trade to the extent of China since the golden age of Britannia. And this chart is neat:

The right side suggests that export growth is no longer contributing so much to world GDP. I guess you would expect this, if the Chinese have literally hit the wall in how much they can profit from further export growth. If "the end of the hyper-globalisation of the past two decades may be upon us", then that's it for the secular EM bull market. Buy US, buy domestic.

Macro Exposure - a theory on China. Again he puts forward the idea that China has more tools in the box to deal with a credit crisis - I guess it's because they have a closed financial system? Anyway, good blog, I might add it to my RSS.

BBC - the great 1980s Dungeons & Dragons panic. I remember this fondly, particularly because at around the same time we also had a Satanic Ritual Abuse panic in my town.

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