Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Q1 GDP COLLAPSES, GOLD WILL NEVER SEE $1300 AGAIN: here's what you need to know

Here's some stuff for reading:

Calculated Risk - Q1 GDP OF 0.1%. Watch Bill McBride not freak out.

New Deal Demoncrat - don't freak out over Q1 GDP. We knew it was bad already, back when Q1 was happening. Thus the market didn't freak out.

Calculated Risk - an exciting time for the data tribe. He gives a few links to data-focused blogs, which I think I might RSS for a while. After all, if it's McBride recommending them, they must be good. And by the way, he explains in this post exactly why I'm not posting as much on this blog as I used to - frankly, the world is on set-and-forget right now.

Trader Feed - letting markets tell their stories. All about silencing the bullshit of your mind and letting the market action speak for itself. - Morgan Stanley says gold will never see $1300 again. I think Brent Cook would beg to disagree.

NY Review of Books - on manufacturing hate in Ukraine. Oh, to go back to 1992 again, when every single university graduate in Russia was writing their thesis on how the Soviet Union was a fascist state. Irony is extra-delicious when it involves wars of racial extermination.

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