Friday, April 4, 2014

Gerbils report

The jerbs report is out, and you can stay away from the blather of those click-whoring clowns at Business Insider because these two links here are the only two bits of analysis worth reading on the topic:

Bonddad - March jobs report. Quote:
This report had the best internals of any report in the last six or so months. Aggregate hours, overtime hours, and the manufacturing workweek, all of which had been weakening, made up all of their losses and in at least one case set a new high.  Counting by hours vs. jobs, almost all of the losses in the recession have been made up. Private sector jobs have now also made up all of their recession losses.

Calculated Risk - March employment report. Quote:
This was a solid employment report, and including revisions, in line with expectations.

We'll see how the market responds. The headline number was below expectations, so I assume the lemmings will buy it up under the assumption it means the taper is farther off.

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