Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday videos: Bleach's "Shotgun"

Holy shit, another surprise that I could find this video. All hail Server! Here's Bleach:

And yes, you really can get that guitar sound from one single guitar track. I was able to do something similar with a Washburn SX-12R backstage amp, overdrive to 10 and coil reverb to 10, then out thru something that compresses fat like a good 4-track deck. It helps to use humbuckers, with both turned on and mixed together, with the bridge pickup set to high tone and the fretboard pickup toned lower.

Y'know, I think my guitar might have had the pickups wired opposite each other? That would make the mix of the two sound a lot better. Or is that just how you would normally wire them?

Anyway, this guy probably had more gear than the above - I think someone told me he used something called an "expander" back then. Dunno what that was. And I'm pretty sure there's 2 guitar tracks on this song.

And yes, I'm the only person in the world who's looked up Salli Carson to see what she's up to nowadays. Total fanboi.

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