Friday, April 11, 2014


Some more things:

BI - the selloff may be almost over, or not. Yup, the Vix front is inverted now, so that basically means people are paying a premium for spot and near-month downside protection:

Problem is, that's all it means. It can get much more inverted if OMG DOOOOOM. Things can always get worse. Still, if now is no different than 2011-2013, then yes now is the time you buy the US.

Ritholtz - people are making up reasons for the market going down, again. I guess, in a way, it's exactly like trying to explain why the supermarket's lines were short when you went in; but now that you've got your one tin of tuna and bag of Cheesy Poofs and are looking to check out, all of a sudden there's 10 people in each line. I mean, it could be Lizard People purposefully trying to hold you up at the store while their puppets at COINTELPRO copy your hard drive at home; or it could just be random noise.

Reformed Borker (Bork Bork Bork!) - the low morale will continue until the beatings improve. Included for the funny article title, and for this:
On the bright side, I’m not being blamed for the biotech selloff anymore. The various 22 year-old hedge fund managers on Twitter who’ve been trading for 9 months are starting to realize that they weren’t genius investors, just guys riding a massive, all-inclusive bubble while thinking their read on clinical data was giving them an edge. Nope.

Mineweb - exploration spending at a 4-year low - IN COPPER. Good. Wake me in 10 years when the metals bull market comes back, m'kay?

Macro Exposure - Atlas Shrugged in one chart. For all you chartists out there, here is the chart to beat all charts:

BBC - doctors grow vagina in lab, install life-support system around it. I bet it will still demand all your money and make humiliating remarks to infuriate you.

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