Friday, April 25, 2014

A tiny bit of blerging to end the week

Here's just a few news items of variable import:

Calculated Risk - a few US Q1 GDP forecasts. Since there's been a month of good weather, I expect the US market to puke its balls out its nose when it sees that consensus 1.1% print. Because reasons. The question is, what happens over the following months as GDP improves?

Bonddad - UK recovery gaining momentum. Charts to back him up.

der Spargel - Germans love deflation. A nice article on how ECB deflation-fighting measures are hated by the Germans, since the Germans absolutely love deflation.

Arse Technica - ding dong, the witch is dead. Google Plus, the only thing in this world hated more than
Hitler, is now officially kaput.

Stonekettle Station - basically complaining about stuff again. Jim Wright on information warfare as practiced by the US right wing.

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