Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A bit of reading, including justified mockery of Goldman Sachs

I've spent the day doing a comparative life-cycle cost-benefit analysis for full illumination, for a decision between build-now versus a 15 year deferment.

And y'know? It's fun doing this kind of stuff. Even the engineers in my office don't seem to know how to do these sorts of analyses.

Thus it makes me look like an utter genius compared to my bosses, and thus it's so fun.

Anyway, here's some news:

Reformed Borker (Bork Bork Bork!) - 361 Capital weekly research briefing. Blaine Rollins is always a necessary weekly read, right up there with NDD's week-end indicators summary. So read him.

Bonddad - USTs are the surprise YTD winner. And given the Fed has asserted that US yields are going up, this is the exact opposite to what the market's supposed to be doing.

Reuters - Indian election cash restrictions to dent gold imports. Apparently bribery is so bad in election season that they have to pass laws limiting how much cash you can have on your person.

IKN - Goldman Sachs follows its $1050 gold call with... buy recommendations for gold stocks?!? Cue perplexed Jackie Chan meme:

If I get sent a copy of this GS paper by an unknown villainous copyright scofflaw, I will definitely enjoy reading it to see how they justify buying FNV or Detour in expectation of $1050 gold. Who knows, maybe the various departments at GS just don't bother talking to each other?

Or maybe GS has a few million shares of Detour that they need to unload?

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