Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Your daily propaganda from Mother Russia, courtesy the SVR-funded stooges at Zerohedge

You don't have to click on any of these because it's all foreign propaganda.

Zerohedge - Our glorious leaders in Mother Russia tell us that it's actually the anti-Yanukovich movement who hired snipers to butcher civilians.

Zerohedge - Brave Russian government threatens to confiscate western assets if vile imperialist West imposes unjust sanctions.

Zerohedge - Evil Ukrainian fascist insurgent junta refuses to pay Mother Russia for gas; Mother Russia notes that puny Europe is too poor to bail out filthy Ukrainian fascist junta.

I grew up in a city that, in the 70s and 80s, had a Soviet-funded weekly newspaper. Really, I shit you not: it (and the local Communist party) was getting its funding directly from the Kremlin.

It became silly after Gorbachev curtailed funding for international agitprop: the paper moved to getting their funding from Ceaucescu, and suddenly started writing articles about the glorious workers' paradise of Romania. After he got the chop, they moved to getting funding from Albania, and suddenly every article was about the great Enver Hoxha and his own glorious workers' paradise. The paper eventually folded after Hoxha got his own just desserts, leaving no-one to pay their printers' bills (North Korea not being particularly involved in any international propaganda campaign).

And, of course, through all this, their narrative about the West remained the same: evil, fascist, imperialist thugs were we.

I mention this because Zerohedge reminds me of this stupid little Commie newspaper.

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