Monday, March 24, 2014

Three China charts debunk the lamestream media fantasy

Here's three China weeklies for a quick dose of reality:

The big China 25 government-owned conglomerates have sucked recently, but the long-term chart simply shows three years of not really going down or up or anything. Til this breaks down I don't see why anyone should be freaking over China.

The China all-cap has a better apparent uptrend than the FXI, which I guess means private business is outperforming the China 25. Again, the long-term chart looks good, not bad.

And China Tech (Jim O'Neill's "new China") has been on an unbelievably sexxay tear over this past year. It's almost a double from August 2012.

Where's the China dooooom? The charts are the charts, they are what they are.

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