Thursday, March 6, 2014

The noontime noos

Here's more things to educate and entertain you!

Bespoke - jobless claims lower than expected. You'd have to be a real dunce to call for a secular top here.

Ritholtz - new highs aren't a fluke. You'd have to be a total fucking retard to call for a secular top here.

FT beyond brics - Indian voters itching for change at the top. The election has been called! Funny nuff, there are 9 separate voting days over the space of a month, so maybe we'll see a good two months of strength for gold as Modi starts addressing concerns? Then again, it's good to remember that Indian elections are bought at the local level, and nobody really knows who's going to win.

FT beyond brics - Aam Aadmi party putting on a good show in India. Apparently, Congress is expected to only win 100 seats; I didn't know it was going to be this bad for them. That would be a positive for gold, or at least it would be if Whitey bothered to figure out who buys it and decided to follow that country's news.

Guardian - Narendra Modi: India's saviour, or worst nightmare? Well, Jim O'Neill likes him, and I like Jim O'Neill.

IKN - Daniela Daniela Daniela! interviews Eric Coffin at PDAC. Since I can't post YouTube links from here at work, I'll just give you a link to IKN's post.

Permashave Dave - Daniela Daniela Daniela! interviews Eric Fier at PDAC. Geez, everyone's an Eric Fier fanboy all of a sudden, eh? Oh well, I guess I can take this as proof that Daniela reads my blog and takes my interview suggestions seriously.

Chronicles of Brodrick - Fraser Institute survey of mining is a good read. Hey Sean, reading is good, stay in school and drink your milk and all, but please understand that the Fraser Institute is a bunch of wilfully ignorant right-wing neocon hacks who really truly have no fucking clue whatsoever about international politics.

The Economist - why recovering assets from deposed kleptocrats is hard. As an aside, I want to bring up again my dismay that Fortune magazine never included Gaddhafi, Mubarak or Yanukovich in their lists of the richest people in the world. Is there a reason for this? Are they trying to perpetuate the lie that only hard-working clever job creators become billionaires?


  1. I am a fan of anyone who does not burn through $5 million of shareholders cash at the derivatives casino or buys PSLV.

  2. Any word on the doré theft in the intvu?

    1. You know, Dave has his own blog with its own comments section.

    2. Lighten up, Otto's just trying to drive traffic to MOMN, aka the Dead Zone.

    3. Dore theft is a regular occurrence in Mexico, just ask Great Panther.

    4. Or Zerohedge Lite as I like to call it