Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Radar Online - Taylor Swift can't get a date. Um... ?
“Taylor’s advisers are tired of setting her up on dates only to have her strange personality scare men away,” one source revealed.
Um... ??
“Taylor is almost impossible to find dates for because of the nature of her music, which focuses heavily on heartbreak and ex-boyfriends. None of the guys she shows interest in want to be the subject of a mean song six months down the road or be painted the bad guy, so Taylor’s team want her to take a break from boys.”

OK, I see the problem. Taylor's management team seems to be trying to stud her like a racehorse. They should maybe be working on rescuing her career instead.

(pics after the break)

As for Taylor, I'll go out with her.

Wait... um, will I?

Yeah, okay, I guess.

OK I said fine.


No seriously. I'm all about the strange personalities, it'll work. I've gone out with the literally batshit insane, Taylor will be like a vacation for me.

Plus every single ex of mine talks shit about me everywhere: frankly, one more girl accusing me of being an egotistical asshole or a dangerous sex offender is no big deal.

Plus she does really need a career shift right now, and I can get her out of that shitty Nashville Pop and into electronic dance music. Girl, where's your five million seller? Black Eyed Peas  put them out constantly, Katy Perry has a new one every month, even that fruity chick Ellie Goulding got one. Electronic is the key, girl: Americans don't buy records anymore, it's a new world and Europe and Asia are buying mp3s of electronic music, not country.

So call me, Taylor!

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