Monday, March 3, 2014

Some noontime noos

Gold's not taking off today - it's still about where it was hours ago. The miners are up on the day, but selling lower.

I'm looking very longingly at that short VIX ETF. But the problem is, can things get worse before they get better? That's what makes it such a hard ETF to play.

Anyway, Becky Quick is still one hell of a hottie, and here's three bits of news:

Wealth of Common Sense - long summary of market cycles. Basically an illustration of how the machine changes over time: like I said, you're lost if you don't know how the machine works. It's funny, btw, that "bonds have not had a single decade of negative nominal returns"; I mean, you'd expect that, since bonds (that don't default) always pay you back your principal, plus interest. Still, certain Americans still think government bonds are going to lose them a fortune in the next few years.

Reuters - Russian ties compound German dilemma. Basically, Germany equates the Ukrainians with the swarthy Greeks, and the Ukrainians don't buy their tanks and fighter jets from Germany. Meanwhile, the German criminal class in banking has invested a ton of money in Russia, and Germany needs Russian natural gas to keep the factories running. So the EU won't help the Ukraine, because Germany will be against it, because Germany will see no profit in it; and the German lapdogs in Holland, Denmark and Austria will follow their overlord's lead.

Stockhouse - David Harquail from FNV on mining. He's smart so read him.

And since that tramp harlot Mila Kunis is apparently marrying Ashton Kutcher (it won't last but even still), here's a pic of the blog's new girlfriend, Becky Quick:


  1. When I read that Mila was engaged I thought the big PDAC news this year was Mila is getting engaged to IWNATTOS.

    The Harquail article and FNV boss rehashes a bit of what Brent Cook said about a year ago that the funds time lines are not aligned with how long it takes to develop a mine and most blow off their stock.

    Mind you the hedge guys and fund managers are under great pressure to perform as their asses are on the line from one year to the next.

  2. Why go for a married woman? She already has a son.

    1. Yabut she has a great personality.

      Though yeah maybe I should set my sights on someone younger, like Miley Cryus.

  3. Could you be more discriminating in your click bait?